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About QB Toys & Gifts

We are a part of Harlequin Trade AB -


We are pleased to introduce our catalogue with a selection of products. We hope to offer new, as well as old, clients and partners the right products at the best price.

Harlequin Trade AB has since the establishment in 1985 offered our clients a large selection of plush, toys and related items. We understand that the price is an important deciding factor for our clients and always aim at offereing the best possible prices. With full control of the supply chain; from production to delivery, we can guaranteee competitive pricing. Harlequin Trade AB is a safe partner for toys and childrens products. We carry out quality controls and safety tests on our items, always in compliance with EU demands and regulations.

We are a wholesaler in stuffed animals and othe toys. Our customers can be found in retail, amusement parks and fun fairs. All over Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and other part of Europe.

  • Safe products with CE
  • Fun, competitive and sellable items
  • Fast delivery and flexible handling
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